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The iranian uproar about a fixed election that was never meant to be a free one has been turned into the Green Revolution 1388 (GR88). It has been turned. It was forced to become a revolution by brutal oppression and terror tactics deployed by Basij, Hezbollah, Riot Police.

Student dorms in several cities where attacked. Students where brutally beaten up and slayn, peaceful protestors got shot dead. Videos of the violence are spreading through the net. Twitter is full of accounts on injustice, brutality, terror and murder. The free press is forbidden to monitor, what’s happening. Military forces are  said to be on the move. Armed militias are running crazy. Rumors are coming in that murdered people where anonymously buried without telling their families to cover up the crimes.

But those who got killed and probably will get killed yet should not be covered up. Those victims, quite a number of iranians will call them martyrs, need a name and a face.

This website is to collect and spread basic information about those martyrs. We want to give them a place in cyberspace where they can be remembered. We want to list the crimes that killed them. We want the world to see their faces.

If you have reliably information about martyrs of GR88, and if you can provide these information without risking your live or those of others, please send them in.

(edited by califax)

deltafoxtrot here: Use Twitter (@deltafoxtrot) or the comments here for first contact. I will set up a PGP protected mailbox tomorrow for sensitive info.


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