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Naser Amir Nejad

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Naser Amir Nejad, 23, Aerospace engineering student of SRBIAU was one of the martyrs of Saturday

In order to receive Naser’s body, his family was asked for $5000 & written notice they won’t file a complaint.

Can someone confirm this? We need more info.


first names coming in

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Can someone confirm this? When did he die? How did he die? How old was he? Does anyone have a photo of him?

  • Mobina Ehtrami,
  • Fateme Borati,
  • Kasra Sharafi,
  • Kambiz Shoaee
  • Mohsen Imani

reported killed by Ansar-e Hezbollah. Same questions as above.

  • Sadri, male, age 25

reported killed tuesday on rally. Same questions as above.

Please help us to give those people a face and a place where the world can see them.